Photo shoot with Black Tie Cinema

Photographer:  Shawn Fields – Black Tie Cinema Model:  Annah Rene Rasul Hair & Makeup:  Heather Heen Location:  Dillingham Ranch


Wedding Day Guide

We know that the few days before your wedding can be really hectic, so here is our guide to pre wedding day DO’s and DONT’s by our team at DELISH, Hawaii’s wedding beauty specialists.   The Week Before: – eat good: we all know that what you eat can affect your skin, so try to […]



lashes… lashes… lashes!   Brides love false lashes and so do we. But how do you know what lashes are good? How much do they cost? Where do you get them?   Here is our breakdown of all our fav lashes, from high-end to drugstore.  Does COST = QUALITY when it comes to false lashes??? […]


DELISH Prices & Policy Changes

DELISH will shortly be going through some price and policy changes.  We are working to simplify the costs for our services, getting rid off any unexpected fees and make our policies as easy as possible for our brides.  Here are some of the prices and policies that will be getting a facelift:   NO MORE… […]


You have to start somewhere!

We found the cutest little girl on youtube… the 5 year old makeup guru!  Sometimes you were just meant to be a makeup artist…     5 year old Makeup Guru


Happy 40th Anniversary!!!

Wishing my parents the happiest 40th anniversary.  What a beautiful couple, even to this day.  They inspire me every day and remind me of what true love really is.  So here is to you MOM & DAD… May you have many more wonderful years ahead. Happy Anniversary


Civil Union… 50% off trial sessions!

In celebration of yesterdays signing of the Civil Unions law in Hawaii… DELISH is offering 50% off for ALL trial sessions in 2011 of Civil Union partners. Jan 1, 2012 will be a great day for all same sex couples.  Here at DELISH we want to assist you in making your Big Day as special […]


Bridal Makeup Clinic

LiquidLightImages invites you to our Bridal Beauty Clinic featuring Motives Cosmetics, the hottest line of custom cosmetics to hit the islands. We are partnering up with Delish Makeup Artistry and Ryan Jacobie Salon to bring you the first ever Makeup Clinic created specifically for brides. Come down and check out our Custom Mix Foundation Bar […]