lashes… lashes… lashes!


Brides love false lashes and so do we.

But how do you know what lashes are good?

How much do they cost?

Where do you get them?


Here is our breakdown of all our fav lashes, from high-end to drugstore.  Does COST = QUALITY when it comes to false lashes???  Not necessarily.  It depends on your natural lashes and the look you’re going for.  Here is a list of all our favorite lashes, what look they give you, who they are good for and just how much they’re going to cost you.


Lashes on a Budget:  $

Great for the bride on a budget.  Maybe you wanna get some fabulous lashes for yourself, I mean it is your special day.  But buying top of the line lashes can get pricy when you outfitting the whole bridal party.  These are a great alternative.


Red Cherry #747M: Longs Drug Store       $2.99-3.99

Great for adding fullness, length and curl to short lashes.  However, look good on girls that already have a thick lash base (the knots at the base of the lashes can be an eyesore on lids with sparse/thin lashes).  These lashes tend to have a heavy curl to them, making them a little more dramatic.  For asian eyes use #747XS (a little shorter)

Pros:  they’re cheap and they look natural

Cons:  they don’t save well, not good for re-use



ARDELL Fashion Lashes #110 Black: Longs Drug Store     $2.99-3.99

Great for adding just a little fullness to average lashes.  Not over the top, very subtle.  Just what you need for a bridal lash boost!  Good for all eye shapes and lash types.

Pros:  Super light weight, really cheap

Cons:  Not good for re-use, tend to be a little too subtle for many




Lovely Lashes:  $$

These lashes are great for brides as well as the whole bridal party.  A little more pricy, but worth it.  At this price range, the actual hair used in the lashes start looking more realistic and the quality of the lashes makes your falsies harder to detect!


Illamasqua No. 19: Sephora    $15.00-17.00

These lashes are beautiful!  The criss cross design gives the illusion of feathery soft lashes without being too much.  Excellent for adding a little drama to your wedding style without looking like you’re trying too hard.  Good for all eye shapes and lash types.

Pros:  black lash base (makes the lash base harder to detect in photos)

Cons:  slightly pricy to get for the whole bridal party


MAC 41 Lash: MAC Cosmetics   $14.00

These lashes are great for the slightly more edgy bride.  With a sharp criss cross design, these lashes are best used to add a little flare to already thick full lashes.  A great stylish addition to your wedding day look!

Pros:  sexy and edgy without being over the top

Cons:  not as natural looking, can look to sharp without sufficient natural lashes





Best of the Best:  $$$

Our pick for the best false lashes goes to Shu Uemura… Shu lashes are hands down the best quality of lashes out there.  They are made of the best materials and the quality of the lash construction is outstanding.  Great for using over and over again, they last for at least 10 applications.  The hardest part is picking your favorite pair!  All of Shu lashes are awesome, but here are our pick for wedding lash bliss:




Soft Cross False Eyelashes: $23.00

Super soft and whimsical… great for asian eyes.  Tapered to enhance your outer lash length.


False Eyelashes Smokey Layers: $28.00

#1 pick for Delish brides.  Gives you just enough to look absolutely fabulous without taking it too far.  Soft and feathery yet full at the same time.  Sexy sexy sexy…


Lavender Bloom false eyelashes: $29.00

Rock it girl!  All the fabulousness of the Smokey Layers with a tint of lavender.  Talk about HOT… it doesn’t get any hotter!







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