DELISH will shortly be going through some price and policy changes.  We are working to simplify the costs for our services, getting rid off any unexpected fees and make our policies as easy as possible for our brides.  Here are some of the prices and policies that will be getting a facelift:


NO MORE… lash application fees.

NO MORE… eye brow touch up fees.

NO MORE… groom touch up fees.

NO MORE… travel fees for Honolulu and Waikiki.


We will also be adjusting our DELISH Contact to make the policies easier to read, understand and follow.  Our contract is created to ease and reassure our brides that their services are GUARANTEED for their wedding day.  So we want to make it as easy as possible to understand.

Lastly, we will be simplifying our payment policies.

We stive to make our policies, prices and payment procedures as hassle free as possible for our brides.  Check back to see our updates within the next few day…


Have an awesome day!!!


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