We know that the few days before your wedding can be really hectic, so here is our guide to pre wedding day DO’s and DONT’s by our team at DELISH, Hawaii’s wedding beauty specialists.


The Week Before:

– eat good:

we all know that what you eat can affect your skin, so try to eat healthy, we want your skin to be as flawless as possible for your big day.

– sunscreen:

many of our brides are not from Hawaii, so we understand you want to check out every beach on the island… and our sun can be extra hot sometimes, so DON’T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN!!!

– wash your face:

keep your face clean.  I know most of you are on “vacation”, and that does give you the right to be a little bit lazy, but please don’t forget to take care of your skin.  Leaving sunscreen on your face overnight can be devastating to your skin, so get your self a good face wash and use it every night.

– spray tanning:

if you feel you absolutely must spray tan… get it done AT LEAST one week prior to the wedding.  Nothing cool about a bride with orange hands and feet!

– eyebrow waxing:

If you are one that gets your brows waxed regularly then you should be fine.  BUT… if you don’t normally get waxed and just doing it for the big day, get it done AT LEAST one week prior to the wedding day.  Wax affects everyones skin differently, so to be safe get it done early.  Don’t worry about having a few hairs grow back, we can always pluck them for you, brow touchups are a FREE service to all of our brides.

– hair color:

although i don’t suggest getting a new color for your wedding day, if you do, have it done AT LEAST one week prior to the wedding so you have time to fix or adjust the color if absolutely necessary.


The Day Before:

– get some sleep:

we know you have a lot to do the night before your wedding, but do your best to get some rest.  Lack of sleep can cause you to have puffy red eyes, not a good look for your wedding.

– wash and dry your hair:

its really important that you wash and dry your hair the night before the wedding day.  Blow dry your hair if possible and NO CONDITIONER unless you absolutely need it.  PLEASE NO WET HAIR THE MORNING OF THE WEDDING.

– polish your face:

make use of the good face products that you may have.  Its always best to wash, lightly exfoliate, tone and moisturize your face the night before the wedding.  Gives you a fresh face for your big day!


The Day of the Wedding:


you can pretty much just wake up and brush it out!  Don’t worry about making it nice for us, we would rather you just let it be.  NO SYLING PRODUCTS & NO HOT TOOLS.


prepping your face for us is really easy.  Just wash for face in the morning and put on what you would normally put on any other morning.  Everyones skin is different, so if you have a regime that works for you, do it.  Just make sure that your face is clean and moisturized.


The rest is in our hands… all thats left to do is relax and enjoy your wedding!!

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