“I would give Heather 100 stars if I could.

She did my makeup for my engagement photo session and my wedding and did an IMPECCABLE job for both.  I admit that I wasn’t sure what I would get when I first booked her because there aren’t many photos on her website.  However, she came with a glowing recommendation by one of my best friends, and I went with her.  Boy am I glad I did.

On the morning of my wedding, I had bags under my eyes and broken capillaries on my eyelids from the pre-wedding stress, and other random insecurities about they way I looked, and she made me feel (and look) like a princess.  She was so easy to talk to and make me feel comfortable about all of my flaws, and everyone really liked her! I know, I know…you don’t book a makeup artist because they are cool, but that was an added bonus.  My 6 bridesmaids and mom looked gorgeous, and even my husband commented on how beautiful everyone looked.  My bridesmaids also LOVED their hair and makeup.  Many of them commented on how she was the best makeup artist who had ever done their makeup, too.  My guests all said how beautiful I looked … although I’m not sure how much weight that is worth, since every bride looks beautiful on their wedding day 🙂

I truly believe that Heather is the most talented makeup artist in Hawaii (and even the US!!)  I mean it.  You can tell that she takes great care and pride in her work and it shows.  She’s not like other artists who rush the bridal party (particularly the bridesmaids) to get the job done.  She and Holly stayed until my photographer was there to make sure everything was perfect.  My hair was so beautiful and classic, just the way I wanted it, and my makeup looked so gorgeous and natural, like I was somehow BORN with flawless skin, glowing cheeks, chiseled cheekbones and lush long lashes (Lord knows I do not look like that in real life).  Although I must have had a lot of makeup on, it looked completely natural, both in the photos and in real life.  Nope, no plastic face, thick mask of makeup, fairy princess or orange face for me!! My husband HATES heavy makeup and absolutely loved the way I looked.  Heather was one of the very best decisions I made for my wedding and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.  I don’t think it’s possible to be let down by her on your wedding day.   Or any other day for that matter.  It was so important to me to look and feel beautiful on my wedding day and Heather and Holly gave that to me.

Heather’s prices were really reasonable and even if they weren’t, she would still be worth every penny.”

– Jenn M.     Honolulu, HI     7/13/11     View this review on Yelp


Heather, you rocked my wedding, girl!  Thank you so much for everything you did for me!  I looked like a billion bucks and it’s all thanks to your hard work!
Heather is *SO* amazing!  I booked her for my wedding in July (2011) to do hair and makeup for my mother and I.  When my mother-in-law found out, she was so jealous she caused such a fuss that I called Heather with only a few days to go and begged her to send someone over to do my mother-in-law’s makeup and hair as well. So this is a dual review for Heather and Holly.

My family is totally crazy, and Heather was amazing!  She totally rolled with it and laughed and joked right along with us.  I had butterflies in my stomach, but Heather helped keep me relaxed and she really helped me enjoy the day!  She’s fun and upbeat (and beautiful) and she knew exactly what to do! I wanted edgy fun makeup, while my husband wanted something plain and traditional, and Heather did both and hit the mark perfectly! I didn’t even look like myself!  (Well, I did, but a better-than-ever version of myself!)  Everyone has commented on how nice I looked and I love to tell them that I had professional help!  She even made a bow in my hair out of my own hair! It was so neat!

I didn’t have the pleasure of working with Holly, but I really wish I had.  Based on the results I can absolutely say that she was every bit as incredible as Heather was. My mother-in-law can be very difficult, and the morning of the wedding she woke up with the biggest cold sore anyone has ever seen! I can only imagine what a wreck she must have been, but Holly made her look better than I have ever seen her.  She really looked stunning.  My sister-in-law had gone somewhere else to have her hair and makeup done, and she said it was horrible.  Holly touched it up for her and fixed her fake eyelashes and really went above and beyond anything in her job description.

Thanks to Heather and Holly, I had an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding party, and what more can you ask of your makeup team?!

I would absolutely use Delish Makeup Artistry for ANY event (even just a Thursday!) and I would recommend them to anyone on the island.

Also, just for the record, Heather works AMAZINGly well with the photographer Aaron Bernard of Liquid Light Images.  They get along great and chat with each other which really helps keep everything light and fun on the big day when everyone else is running around like crazy! They’re friends and it shows in the pictures.”

– Jessi R.     Calgary, AB Canada     9/12/11     View this review on Yelp

“Delish Makeup Artistry provided the makeup and hair for my wedding — me (bride), my mom, mother in law, 6 bridesmaids, and some light hair styling for my flower girl. They were, by far, the best decision I made for my wedding. I had a couple of fabulous vendors, and unfortunately, one very very disappointing vendor. Delish provided the best service and “product” from day one. I have told everyone I know about them — from my wedding coordinator to my venue, to each of my newly engaged friends.

I was recommended to Delish by a friend who used her for her wedding and was very happy with the work they did — and, I can attest that my girlfriend truly looked STUNNING. I am quite familiar with other makeup artists and although I was satisfied with work they have done for me for previous other weddings, never before have I been so blown away by my makeup or hair. I ended up hiring Delish for the makeup and hair for my engagement shoot, my wedding, and my post-wedding family portrait session and I can’t explain how amazing they are, and their very reasonable pricing was the icing on the cake, especially for me, a very very budget-conscious bride.

I never thought my bridal makeup could be natural and sexy at the same time, but Delish did it for me. I LOVE smoky eyes and not that “fairy princess” look, and somehow Heather was able to give me a classic, elegant, natural and glamorous look for my wedding. It was just perfect. Each of my bridesmaids and my mom and MIL looked like a dream. And on top of doing amazing makeup and hair, Delish came out at 6 am to our hotel 1 hour from town. They were so easy going about EVERYTHING and it was a pleasure having them around during the hours before my wedding. Everything lasted perfectly that I didn’t even have to use the emergency kit they gave me. I only reapplied my lip gloss. When, after my honeymoon, I actually got around to looking at what they had supplied, I was shocked at their thoughtfulness and generosity.

I’m not one to write reviews, but by not writing about the Delish makeup team, I feel that I would be doing a disservice to Hawaii brides. They transformed me and my entire bridal party into beauties. I would never hesitate to hire them again or recommend them to the even the most discerning bride.”

– Jenn     View this review on Weddingwire.com


“In my opinion, Heather is, hands down, the best makeup artist on the island.  I’ve been in many weddings and have had my makeup done by most of the popular makeup artists out there.  I am usually “okay” with my makeup, sometimes pleased, but never blown away.  Except with Heather.
My best friend booked Heather for her wedding, and, having never heard of her before, didn’t know what to expect.  I can say that ALL bridesmaids were pleased with their makeup, to the point that 2 others then booked Heather for their own weddings.  I have had Heather do my makeup twice since that wedding, both times, to unbelieveable results.

I seriously have no idea how she does it, but I trust her completely.  I like the assurance that I KNOW who will be doing my makeup, not like other companies where you book one person and someone else does your makeup, or worse yet, you book a “company” and you get what you get.

I really can’t say enough about Heather’s ability, but she has a great eye for what will look good.  I have very discriminating taste when it comes to my makeup and never before have I been so pleased and have heard such overwhelmingly positive remarks about any one makeup artist.  If you book her, you will NOT regret it.  It’s just impossible.  And I would put money on it.  I couldn’t possibly give a stronger recommendation.”

– Bailee W.     Honolulu, HI     4/4/11     View this review on Yelp


“Heather from Delish is the bomb! She did my friends wedding this past November and every one in the wedding party looked beautiful! Her makeup skills is awesome! Heather is so professional, easy going, and down to earth! She really listens to what the clients needs are and responds with grace and sophistication! You want the best then book Heather with Delish! Thanks Heather once again!!!”

– Leanne A.     Wahiawa, HI     2/20/11     View this review on Yelp


“Heather of Delish Makeup Artistry is guaranteed the BEST make-up artist in Hawaii.  I’ve been a pageant contestant and in many weddings, etc where I’ve had professional make-up done, and no one has been better or more consistent than Heather.  She can do any ethnicity, and any “look” you ask for.
The best example was my own wedding.  Not only did Heather make me look my best and exactly as I asked for, all of my picky bridesmaids were also so pleased that several of them went on to use her for their own weddings.  She did perfect makeup on me (hapa or mixed ethnicity), and on my haole (white / caucasian) and asian girlfriends too.  She can do smoky, natural, or whatever you ask for.  I’ve subsequently used her for a maternity photoshoot and every other special occasion, and will continue to use her for as long as she’s working 🙂
The best part is, she’s more affordable than all the other top makeup artists in Hawaii who dont even do as consistently good work as her!
I cannot give a stronger recommendation!!!”

– Malia L.     Honolulu, HI     8/29/11     View this review on Yelp


“Heather is the best! She did my makeup for my wedding and kept me looking like me but flawless.  Its hard to make someone look their best without changing their overall appearance or going too heavy on the makeup, but she did it.  She was also very flexible and offered makeup tips to friends.  She was so nice and takes so much pride in her work, a definite perfectionist, which is why shes the best.  Super cool chick, you wont be disappointed.  She was able to create exactly what I wanted for makeup and hair and advised me when I wasnt sure what I wanted.  Mahalo nui to heather for making me beautiful for my wedding!”

– Pili K.     Honolulu, HI     2/21/11     View this review on Yelp


“I had a difficult time choosing a makeup artist for my wedding because I wanted everything to be perfect, and there were so many choices. I finally decided on Heather and her team from Delish Makeup Artistry. I am so glad I did. The team was professional, friendly and made me feel like I was a star. At the last minute I needed to change the location that my party and I were getting ready at. Delish Makeup artistry accomodated this change without hestitation. They were even around before and after the ceremony for touch ups. Delish Makeup artistry really knows what they are doing and worked hard to make sure that I (and my wedding party) felt and looked beautiful.”

– Weddingorbust     View this review on Weddingwire.com


“Every bride wants to look perfect on their wedding day, myself included. After searching for a makeup artist I finally chose Delish Makeup Artistry. I am so glad I did. My large wedding party; 2 maids of honors, 10 bridesmaids, 2 mothers, 2 flower girls and one picky bride were no challenge for Heather and her team. They came prepared and armed with a game plan. The team was professinal but at the same time friendly. We were treated like royalty!!! I do not usually wear makeup, so I was thrilled that Delish Makeup artistry was able to keep my makeup looking natural, but gorgeous. I am not ashamed to say I looked stunning. I was pleased with their services and the price. Delish makeup artistry went above and beyond my expectations, even helping me remove a stain from my wedding dress. I would have paid triple the amount for the job that Delish did for me.”

– Superstar29     View this review on Weddingchannel.com