Wedding Tips & Tricks



If you plan on wearing lashes the day of the wedding:


Practice wearing them up to 2 months before the wedding, at least once every other week.  Lashes can be a hard thing to adjust to for some people. You want to make sure that the day of the wedding that they feel as natural as possible. There are a variety of different brands of lashes with varying qualities.


Take extra good care of your skin:


You want your skin to look radiant on your wedding day!  Take some simple steps to help your skin look it’s best; exfoliate, moisturize and stay out of the sun!  If you must go tanning, make sure to wear sun block on the face.  And remember that moisturizing is not only for the face, don’t forget the arms and chest, especially for those of you wearing a strapless dress.  If you are one of those brides that is exercising all the time, make sure to wash your face as soon as possible after the workout.  A sweaty face is a huge cause of acne for women especially if your poor beautiful face is not used to all this working out!


Eat good!:


Watch what you eat, oily foods can lead to oily skin… and who wants to be oily looking in their wedding pictures!


Finding make-up and hair looks that you like:


Before your consultation it’s always a good idea to look for ideas that you like in bridal magazines or any magazines for that matter.  While you are looking for ideas, keep in mind that anything you see still needs to be transferred to you.  Look for ideas that might look good on you and women with similar features.  That includes everything from eye shape, eye color, lips and skin tone to hair type, color and length.


For those of you who wax your brows:


Weather or not you wax on a regular basis, or you just wanted to get it done for the wedding, ALL waxing must be done AT LEAST one week before the wedding.  Don’t worry about it growing back, I can always do a brow touch-up on the big day.





Don’t forget to eat:


Please don’t forget to schedule time for you and the girls to eat.  The last thing we want to do is schedule the hair and makeup to be completed right before show time, and then realize that no one has had a bite to eat all day.


Be ready to get your make-up and hair done:


If you are one of the girls getting their hair and make-up, have your hair washed and dryed and your face clean and make-up free.  Little things like this can take a long time, and on the big day, there is not a lot of time to spare.